ILA Club will improve your life! Any ILA student, who completes at least one of the courses we offer, can attend these monthly meetings. Here you will spend a great time with like-minded people, share your knowledge and experience, as well as support each other and increase your energy level for achieving your life goals!

What is the ILA Club

It is the place where you have all favourable conditions for complete development of yourself and your inner potential!

Idea of the ILA Club

We strive to unite like-minded people with shared interests for experience exchange in the team of successful individuals! You will spend your time with joy, excitement and usefulness in the circle of friends, colleagues and peers.

Vision of the ILA Club

The ILA Club was created to systematically support the development of our alumni and tell new people about our projects.

Who is the ILA Club member?

It is the person who:

  • Completed at least one of our courses;
  • Continuously develops oneself;
  • Wants to join like-minded people;
  • Strives to share their unique life lessons and experience with others;
  • Wishes to learn useful knowledge that is easy to implement in the everyday life.

Attend the ILA Club to develop yourself continuously and help others on their path!


Learn three ideas for full advancement of your potential