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Format: seminar/webinar

Duration: 14 weeks (27 lessons)

Description: By purchasing the full ILA package you will get a new life. First of all, you will look at your life through the lens of seven spheres and you will rate each sphere on the scale from 1 to 7. Secondly, you will identify what thoughts control your life in each sphere, so that you can replace destructive ones with constructive ones. By building a New Image of Self, you will create a happy and fulfilled life. But it will only be the beginning of your journey, because after that you will learn about the existence of 7 spheres of inner life for the creation of the Superior Image of Self. You will see yourself in the light of the Universe, gain skills and mindset necessary for the creation of a happy and fulfilled life and uncover your potential in its fullest glory.

What exactly you will get after completing the course: 

  • You will learn the unique proprietary methodology
  • You will understand how you create your life on a daily basis
  • You will learn how to take control of your life and fill it with harmony
  • You will realize what thoughts prevent you from being happy and erase them
  • You will see that you are connected with the Universe
  • You will learn to listen to your inner voice
  • You will realize your true nature
  • You will create the New Image of Self and the Superior Image of Self for a harmonious and fulfilled life
  • You will understand how to make happiness your daily companion


Learn three ideas for full advancement of your potential