We accept: visa и mastercard

Format: seminar/webinar

Duration: 90-180 minutes

Description: On this course we start with ourselves. We will assess our lives through the lens of 7 spheres and rate each sphere on the scale from 1 to 7. As a result you will see, where you are now – your Today’s Image of Self (point A) and start thinking about where you want to be – your New Image of Self (point B). Complete the Life Diagnostics course to start building your new life!

What exactly you will get after completing the course: 

  • You will learn to see your life through the lens of 7 spheres
  • You will realize what you need to change in your life
  • You will understand that your goals and desires should correspond with the goals of desires of your heart so you can be happy
  • You will see how your thoughts form external situations
  • You will understand that you create your own life

IMPORTANT NOTE: The course for English speaking audience is currently under development. If you want to participate in our webinars and live events for Ukrainian or Russian speaking audience, please register here.



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