“Mindscan” workbook




IMPORTANT NOTE: This workbook is written in Russian. Translation is coming soon.

«Mindscan» was created so that you can track your reactions, thoughts and emotions throughout the day in order to understand which thoughts and beliefs control your life. After identifying previously unconscious thoughts and beliefs, you can see what drains your energy. You will eliminate destructive thoughts and reactions to create space for a happier and fulfilled life. By using this tool you will be able to:

  • Identify tendencies of the mind that negatively influence you and drain most of your power and energy
  • Understand what believes stand behind these tendencies
  • See what brings you the biggest happiness and what makes you sad
  • Realize how much time you spend on the activities which you want to track
  • Accurately define how many days of your life are positive, negative or mixed
  • And the most important thing – it will allow you to get rid of harmful tendencies and beliefs. As a result, you will live a more energetic, joyful, harmonious and fulfilling life.


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