Ebook – “Cup of Coffee to Awaken”




IMPORTANT NOTE: This ebook is written in Russian. Translation is coming soon.

You can discover true bliss in your heart, feel the drive to life and experience the joy of living. You can uncover your life purpose and discover your inner strength. This book will help you to see yourself in the light of the universe, uncover your inner potential and help you realize that you can do anything.

Author of this book spent many years in Canada and USA and also visited India several times in order to unite the knowledge of masters of happiness and experts of success in one outstanding formula which any human being can grasp. Part of his mission was accomplished and embodied on the pages of this book via his unique proprietary methodology Structure and Nature of Our Reality, which the author eagerly shares with everyone who wants to uncover their potential.

This book is written as a step-by-step, easy to apply practical guide that contains 18 practices, 42 video-materials and 100 questions for inner transformation.


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