We accept: visa и mastercard

Format: seminar/webinar

Duration: 8 weeks (16 lessons, 2 hours each, twice a week)

Superior Image of Self is a course for those who:

  • Want to see themselves in the light of the Universe
  • Fell anxiety and unhappiness even after performing spiritual practices
  • Have money, property and good health but don’t feel fulfilled
  • Have excellent career but are afraid to lose it
  • Have achieved a lot, yet feel that something very important is missing
  • Want to heal the ills of the world
  • Want to transcend the limitations of body and mind

You will get unique proprietary methodology and fundamental knowledge for the full advancement of your potential. Complete the SIS course in order to obtain wholeness, fearlessness and sincere faith in yourself.

Program of the course:

  • Universal Laws
  • The Source: Theory
  • The Source: Practice
  • Soul: Theory
  • Soul: Practice
  • Higher Self: Theory
  • Higher Self: Practice
  • Mind: Theory
  • Mind: Practice
  • Feelings-emotions: Theory
  • Feelings-emotions: Practice
  • Ego: Theory
  • Ego: Practice
  • Physical body: Theory
  • Physical body: Practice
  • Final Seminar

What exactly you will get after completing the course: 

  • You will understand that you are more than your body and mind
  • You will realize your connection to the universe
  • You will learn to listen to your inner voice
  • You will identify the thoughts that prevent you from living a happy life
  • You will learn to control your emotions and state of mind
  • You will create the Superior Image of Self for a happier life
  • You will understand that you can do anything and start to act


Learn three ideas for full advancement of your potential