We accept: visa и mastercard

Format: seminar/webinar

Duration: 5 weeks (10 lessons, 2 hours each, twice a week)

Description: on this course we will study our Today’s Image of Self and see what thoughts define the quality of your life in each sphere of life. You will understand what subconscious programs control your life and remove those which prevent you from being a fulfilled individual and create new ones which will help you to be happy. You will also obtain numerous valuable tools to form the New Image of Self and start manifesting this new image in your day-to-day life. Complete the TIS-NIS course in order to create a life you have always dreamt of!

Program of the course:

  1. Introductory seminar
  2. Physical body
  3. Relationships: Part 1
  4. Relationships: Part 2
  5. Life purpose
  6. Finances & career
  7. Living conditions
  8. Helping others
  9. State of mind
  10. Final seminar

What exactly you will get after completing the course: 

  • You will learn how to create the life you have always dreamt of
  • You will understand the staggering influence that your mind’s content has on the quality of your life
  • You will learn to replace destructive thoughts with constructive ones
  • You will increase the quality of your life in each sphere

You will create the New Image of Self for a happy and fulfilled life.



Learn three ideas for full advancement of your potential